Who is HMS and why are we here?

  • A trusted name in health IT, HMS is a Silicon Valley-based company with 14 years experience working with hospitals, physicians & practice groups and insurers to make reliable HIPAA compliant information interoperable -- easily available for reporting, clinical treatment and improved coordination.

  • HMS/PHIMover has been on Puerto Rico since 2018, working in a collaboration with Sana Coop, among a handful of the most highly rated medical practices on the Island, and an innovator in complex care.

  • As a trusted partner with several institutions working internationally, HMS is the integrator bringing all IT solutions seamlessly into one operation.

  • We work with demonstrated Open Source products to harness and adopt cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of your locality. We work with your existing IT vendor/s and staff

    • to integrate these solutions
    • to adapt Open Source to your local needs
    • to train your staff
    • to assure quality and accountability for project implementation

Building on HMS’ privacy and operational prowess

HMS responds to the urgent call for advanced technology solutions in navigating through pandemic conditions
  • Technology must be an ‘IRL’ (In Real Life) solution
    • HMS’ depth in operating systems translates to on-the-ground navigation in a time of crisis
    • Danger in rush to implement without operating context
  • Connecting while protecting data between silos and systems

    COVID-Alerts without such connections are inefficient, and prone to errors or delays

  • Ease of use in supporting rapid cycle improvement
    • We MUST have more and better information – rapidly
    • HMS builds on its roots: achieving better, more trustworthy health information
  • Builds on HMS’ ‘best in class’ platform

    User friendly technology, assuring privacy and authentication, easily adaptable to front end use

Urgent Challenges

  • Reliable reporting and ease of sharing information between jurisdictions and with a central governance structure.
  • COVID-19 testing ramp up and timely feedback loops between labs, PHAs and physicians
  • Contact tracing is a potentially costly, resource/ labor intense set of activities in the face of resource scarcity.
  • Technology as a tool-- there is no SINGLE technology to solve this, but rather technologies that work in conjunction with people and systems – ‘in real life’ or IRL.
  • Tools must be robust and scalable to cover entire jurisdictions, regions and states.

HMS as integrator in Covid-19

Other emerging tools: contact recording call center


  • In process of adoption
    • CommCare by Dimagi
      CRM to track individuals

      • B-Corp; Open Source; global presence; low cost footprint
      • Forms-based CRM tool with text/browser forms to patients; 20 years experience with chronic disease and past epidemics
    • SafePaths by MIT/Mayo
      using GPS

      • PHImover/HMS has been recognized by SafePaths leadership as leading viable efforts within Puerto Rico's health and business sectors --- supporting an early Pilot with Sana Coop.
      • Ernst & Young in Puerto Rico is supporting this effort, managing dissemination strategy for MIT
      • Peter Broadwell, senior technology advisor, is participating in high level meetings with steering technical team. Meeting regularly with lead programmers

  • Under consideration
    • Contact recording tool
      using Bluetooth

      • Will integrate a technology bringing the Bluetooth methodologies proposed for contact tracing.
      • May Leverage Google/Apple operating system level tool
      • Will adopt using data from any app that meets the philosophical criteria of the project and can be integrated into workflow for provider/contact tracer
    • Call Center tool
      support decentralized Contact Tracer

      • May integrate a technology to support decentralized Contact Tracing operations

      Potential Customers

      • Health Authorities

        Local jurisdictions, state and federal government

      • Payers

        Commercial Insurance, Public funders – Medicaid, Medicare

      • Medical Groups and Health Systems

        Caring for patients in communities

      • Employers

        Those taking leadership to assure the most rapid return to safe working environments for economic security and growth

      • Labs

        Testing for Covid-19